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Sunday, 8 May 2011

How to take care of PUG

As its difficult to take care of a human baby, the same way its bit difficult to take care of a cute little PUG, I know it as i have 15 Pugs at my place... I know you guys are shocked to know that.

Well as we all know that PUGS are the adorable breed, a PUG lover can understand what I am trying to express. However taking care of PUGs are bit difficult as due to many factors.

My friends Pugs are popularly known for their cute wrinkles, we human being dont like wrinkles as it show how old we are.. however on the other side the wrinkle look pretty on a pug face..

 cant image a Pug without wrinkles on his face.. Can you??? ohhh....

The main issue due to which a PUG suffers a lot is because of their flat NOSE,

Yes... the Pugs have breathing problem due to their FLAT little nose

This is a birth defect that is commonly found in breeds with short noses. Their nasal cartilage is softer than it is suppose to be. A Pug afflicted with this will have very narrow nostrils, which cave inward when he inhales and prevent him from drawing in a sufficient amount of air. They will consequently have frothy whitish nasal discharge and the will breathe through their mouth. This can also be corrected by surgery.

Due to the Pugs short nose, he is sometimes forced to inhale his air. This in turn may cause a loud hack or snorting noise that repeats itself. The Pug may hunch up as well. Occasionally, you might recall your Pug just had a drink of water shortly before this attack occurred or got somewhat excited over something. Maybe there was pressure on his collar that caused his Pharynx to become agitated. There is no treatment for this, however, if you notice your Pugger doing this often, take him in to your Vet to rule out other Pug problems, such as Elongated Palette

WHAT TO DO When your PUG get the attack...

Well try to rub their nose and neck (the place where we have throat bone) very softly and most importantly try to divert his attention, as soon his attention, as soon his attention will be diverted you will feel that he will be better, like you can show him his favorite snack, (dont give him to eat that snack just show him so that he try to get it) or say the word on which your pug react usually.

We need to take extra attention during Summer time, as PUGS hate Summer, they always try to show you that they are feeling hot, as they are the naughtiest breed.....

During summer you will feel that your PUGs hairs are falling off, do not worry as its normal, but still you can consult your Vet to get some treatment.

Now its time to clean the FACIAL FOLDS.. yes those cute folds around nose...

 Those adorable wrinkles and crinkles on a Pugs face are called folds, and in between those folds accumulates a whole hodgepodge of stuff. This stuff gets in there because Pugs spend a lot of time with their face mashed against the carpet, the ground and of course, their food bowls. Add to all this a mix of dried tears and mucous, and you’ve got yourself some stuff in those folds. Your job is to clean those facial folds out to make sure they don’t develop any infections or fungus there. Since all that stuff makes a Pug smell a bit boggy, you’ll also be keeping your Pug smelling nice in the process.

To clean the folds are pretty easy and your PUG should be co operative to do so.. My PUGS always like  to clean there folds

We need

Q tip or i prefer cotton balls

Dip your Q tip or cotton ball in slight warm water, sqeez the access water.
Clean the nose area very gently and softly as the skin around that area is very soft and if it hurt your PUG he will never allow you in future to clean that area.

Just clean until you feel that the dirt it out.... apply a thin layer, just a thin later on that place..Do this ONCE A WEEK or sooner if your PUG starts to smell

Next is NAILS

Nail Clipping: Newsflash! Pugs nails grow extremely fast. You’ve got a couple of choices here. You can start learning how to do this yourself from week one, or you can take your Pug someplace to have it done.

Well I will suggest to learn how your Vet clip the nails of your PUG as there is a lot of difference between the way CUT OUR NAILS and the way we need to CUT a Dog nail.

We cannot cut the entire nail by feeling that its too long, as we will not be able to see the veins in the nails YES my dear frinds even the grown nails has veins which if we cut can HURT our PUG and next time he will not allow you to cut his nails. SO LEARN FIRST then try yourself

EAR Cleaning....

YOu will feel that your PUGS ears are so dirty its because the ears are always in a close positions,

HOW TO CLEan>.... Simple just take a cotton ball dip it into Vaseline and gently clean it dont dig deeply in there or rub it as it has a soft skin

Teeth Cleaning....

Only my one PUG love to clean his teeth his name is Timon, whenever i get his brush he happily stand in front of me and i softly clean his teeth, just get a good and soft dog brush and paste from your Vet, if your pug dont like to clean there teeth like my other pugs, just get some teeth cleaning sticks they are like regular chewing sticks however it will clean the yellowness of the teeth..  So simple.. :)

Coat Cleaning..........

 You should brush your Pug at least twice a week to keep him looking well kept. Many people brush their Pug everyday because it helps reduce the amount of fur in the house, which you’ll find everywhere…Even your friends will find your Pugs hair in their house!

All you need here is a brush with stainless steel bristles and a flea comb during flea season. Most Pugs enjoy being brushed so this really doesn’t present the difficulties that nail clipping and fold cleaning sometimes does. At any rate, all you really need to do is to brush in the direction the fur grows without pressing down on the brush. Be gentle and use smooth strokes and you’ll have yourself one Pug in seventh heaven.


EYE issue:

Pug has issue with eyes, always keep an eye ointment and a dropper. whenever you feel that your PUG has some issue with their eyes,first put the dropper to clean it and then apply the ointment safely if you dont find  any difference within 1 hours i will suggest to check with your Vet immediately


My Pugs sometime vomit after their meal or any time, You just need to give him the syrup to stop vomit and 2 cap full of gelusil syrup this a syrup for acidity and it keep the stomach cool, just consult a good brand of any acidity syrup.

Well these information i shared with you guys as I have good 7 years experience with PUGS only we had pug babies at our home couple of time so if you guys have any question just let me know I will be more than happy answer the questions


  1. Could you please tell what kind of food do you give to your pugs? Thanks.Kat.

    1. ya sure. i give my dogs packed food, royal canin, when they were small i gave royal canine mini starter and when they grew up i gave Pedigree . i keep on chaning food taste, so that they dont get bore. but i dont chage the brands as these are the brand i truly trust

  2. Thks Archiee all your tips are awesome !

  3. May I know Which product you use to control fleas on your Pug